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Brand Introduction
Founded in 1986, Shenzhen Yangxing Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on crystal integrated circuit research and development and providing customers with frequency device solutions. The company has signed technical cooperation memorandums with scientific teams from the United States, Japan and Taiwan, successfully developed and mass-produced the first programmable crystal chip in China, and obtained more than 100 patents and honors. On the basis of 36 years of research and innovation in science and technology, Yangxing Technology continues to develop business models, and has set up Taiwan Xinghe Semiconductor R&D Center and Yuanzi Cat Mall successively. The turnover increases by 50% annually, and actively creates employment opportunities, participates in social welfare, benefits the country and enterprises, and makes sustainable operation. At present, Yangxing technology service enterprises more than 30,000, business across four continents.
Product Series
Programmable crystal oscillator, quartz oscillator, quartz crystal resonator, clock crystal oscillator, ceramic resonator, TCXO warm crystal oscillator, filter, etc
Application Areas
Used in watches, security, webcams, digital products, vehicle digital, MID tablet computer, network communication, base station, photoelectric technology and other equipment and a variety of frequency control equipment
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